4 Ways To Get More Pleasure Out Of Sex

How To Get More Pleasure

When I was younger, having sex was the most amazing feeling in the world. But now that I'm a middle aged man I have become desensitized and haven't been enjoying myself as much as I use to. I'd been searching on how to get more pleasure out of sex for a while now, and I have found that there are many different ways to do so. I spoke to one of my sex buddies the other day, and she said that it was very common for men to lose some feeling as they grow older. So when I asked her how I could get more pleasure out of sex, she told me that there were a variety of lubricants I could use that would intensify the feeling and up my pleasure. Whether you are like me or you are simply looking to maximize your pleasure intake during sexual intercourse. You should seriously consider trying out different types of lubricants, so that next time you meet someone off an online hookup website, you can get more pleasure out of sex, and so can she.

Having Better Sex

If you love having sex but are growing a little bored of doing the same things over and over again then you need to do some research on how to up your game. Having better sex is always a possibility, and when you are using online dating websites to hook up with local singles, your possibilities are endless. Having better sex is not something that just happens, you have to work for it. So next time you plan to hookup with someone new, make sure you use a couple different tricks. First off, if you locate a woman's erogenous zones and play them up, then she will automatically become more responsive to you. Once you start to please her even more, then she will want to please you. In a way, having better sex means being more caring and giving to your partner. If you are only there for your own pleasure, she will sense it and do the same. However, if you show her that you really want to make her feel good, she will follow suite and you will be well on your way to having better sex.

Using Sex Toys

Depending on how adventurous you are, using sex toys can really help you to get more pleasure out of sex. Using sex toys is not something that everybody enjoys, but you never really know unless you try, right? By visiting a sex shop, you can open up your mind to the hundreds of sexual possibilities. If you're main goal is to have more pleasure during sex, then you need to try something new. How do you expect to get more pleasure out of sex if you continue to do the same thing over and over again? Using sex toys on your partner can be the easiest way to heat up your sex life. Whether you want to start off with something small like candy underwear, or something a bit more intense like handcuffs, sex toys are there for you to experiment with. Who knows maybe you'll love them! And besides, they are called toys for a reason, they are fun and easy to play with.

How To Get Her To Have Sex On Camera

If you love watching women have sex on camera, but want a real woman to be the one performing the task, you might have to start asking yourself how to get your online encounter to have sex on camera. Once you have met someone online, you can begin to engage in light flirtations, however, some women like to move faster than others, and actually enjoy having sex on camera. If you want to see her have sex on camera, but don't know how to ask her, you can always start off by something small like sexting and work your way up. If she agrees to sexting, followed by phone sex, then she very well might be interested in having sex on camera.

Kinky Encounters

So you've done everything in your power to have more interesting sex, but you still aren't satisfied. You've tried sex toys, different partners, and being more compassionate but nothing seems to be working. If this is the case, you can either give up or take things up a notch. If everyday casual sex just isn't cutting it for you anymore, then maybe you should consider having a kinky encounter. By doing so, your are placing yourself in the hands of a more assertive woman who wants nothing more than to bring the pleasure back into your life. Having pleasurable sex is something that is available for men of all ages, yourself included.